What We've Accomplished

2019: The Year in Adoptions

2019 was an exceptional year for Friends of the Animals Foundation!
All because you support us in so many ways, we were able to:

• Find new, loving homes for 80 cats

• Help several people who are living without permanent homes, to help their cats

• We formed a new partnership with an amazing young woman named Stephanie who saw a need to help get cats to the Seattle area from Southern California shelters

• Our partnerships with Petco, The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic, Cascade Heights Veterinary Center, South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, The Animal Eye Clinic, and Urban Animal Clinic continue to be strong
• We were able to get expert care for our kitties with special needs such as Bridget (cerebellar hypoplasia), Salem (eyelid agenesis), Gutz (ruptured eye), and others
This is exhausting, but fulfilling work and it could not be done without your support. Thank you!
This video is some of those happy adoption moments of 2019 (SONG: The Story--Brandi Carlile)


2018: The Year in Adoptions includes 36 of the 57 adoptions this year.
With your support we were able to find homes for over 57 cats and kittens this year. 18% of those adoptions were adult cats, including some older or with medical issues. We had everything from bottle babies to hospice kitties.
We are eternally grateful to our amazing, generous, tireless volunteers for the devotion they continue to show to each cat the comes to our rescue, regardless of their condition...
It is often difficult, messy, emotional work that we do, especially this year with more hospice kitties...not to mention the personal losses and issues some of our volunteers endured, yet continued to support FAF and fellow volunteers...They made sure every kitty that came to us received the love and care they both needed and deserved.
Seeing the joy on their (and your) face when they find their forever home is our reward!
So the difficult, messy, emotional work that we do will go on...
We are so very grateful to our donors and volunteers for their ongoing support to make what we do possible!


2017: A Year in Adoptions is updated from the one posted earlier this year...it includes 79 of the 108 adoptions this year. Here's our 2017 report:
With your help we were able to find homes for 108 cats and kittens this year! 16% of the adoptions were adult cats, some were older or with medical issues.
In addition to finding homes, we were able to spay/neuter many feral cats and cats of people living on fixed incomes or without permanent housing…and we were also able to keep many of them fed and sheltered.
To our volunteers—fostering, cleaning cages, helping at adoption events, maintaining our website/social media, donating supplies/money, and hanging out with Santa—THANK YOU so much for all that you do.
We are also extremely grateful for our partners— Petco - West Seattle, Mud Bay Uptown, Mud Bay Burien, and Mud Bay at Thomas—for housing our cats, letting us hold adoption events, and their generosity with reaching out to us as Giving Tree recipients. We are also very fortunate to be part of many employee matching programs. The list could go on...
It is often difficult, messy, emotional work that we do, yet as we close 2017 with so many fond memories, we know that the work will—and must—go on. We are so very grateful for your ongoing support to make what we do possible!

2015 to 2016

There were 64 adoptions in 2016, with 27% of those being adult cats.
As in 2014, thanks to your support, we were able to find new homes for 98 cats and kittens in 2015—22% of those were adult cats. Going into a new year, we have five special and unique adult cats looking for homes. Please share and help us get these cats into new homes in a new year.
On August 15, 2015 FAF moved from our Next to Nature-West Seattle adoption space. We so much appreciate all that the owners and staff of NTN, past and present, have done for our cats. We had been at the store about 15 years, and with an average of 100+ adoptions a year, that is a huge impact on the homeless cat population in the area. We have only well wishes for NTN in their next journey.
FAF is STILL West Seattle based, yet goes and helps wherever there is need…Our new West Seattle location is PetCo—West Seattle. We are very excited about the partnership with PetCo! We have been able to place several ADULT cats—always a challenge—since having this new location.

2013 to 2014

We adopted out 98 cats in 2014, down from 2013, but adult cat numbers were up. Over 25% of our adoptions were adult cats. We ended the year by adopting out two very special ones, Midge and John.
There were fewer kittens than in 2013 and they came later. Hopefully the focus on spaying and neutering is finally paying off.
With the adoption of Winona on Christmas Eve (an adult cat at that!), you have now helped to place 155 FAF cats and kittens into new and loving homes in the year 2013. This is up from 135 in 2012 and 123 in 2011.
Thank you to Nancy at the Whole Cat and Kaboodle in Kirkland. 12 of those kittens were adopted from her incredible store. With one more week to go in the calendar year, and several very cute and adoptable kittens at Next to Nature right now, I am hoping that we will have placed 160 in homes by December 31st.
Without volunteers to do jobs like: clean cages, laundry, foster, help at adoption events, technical upkeep, drive to spay/neuter appointments in Lynnwood, make runs to the vet, write bios, meet with potential adopters, return phone calls from the public, donate money, services and goods, we simply could not do the great work in the community that we do.
The adoption of 13 year old Buzzy by Brian was definitely the highlight of the year with FAF. Thank you to all of our adopters, volunteers, and supporters for making 2013 a wonderful year for homeless cats--we made our goal!--160 were adopted!


135 cats and kittens found homes through FAF in 2012. Thank you to all of our adopters, volunteers, and foster homes. The number of adoptions was up by 12 from the year 2011.
FAF was able to help at two adjoining addresses in the Highland Park area of West Seattle this spring. A total of five feral female cats, all nursing were TNR'd. One male cat was also altered. 11 kittens were trapped and put into foster care. The kittens were all able to find new homes after they were spayed/neutered.
FAF and FCAT trapped 12 feral and one friendly cat living on the property of a home in Skyway. All were spayed/neutered and returned. FAF delivers 50 lbs of cat food monthly so the family is able to feed the cats healthy food, not rice as they had been eating. FCAT provided a huge Dogloo for shelter.
We received a call about hungry kittens at a property in Burien. We were able to TNR four adult cats on the property. Seven very sick kittens were put into foster care first with FCAT and then an FAF foster home. All seven are now healthy, altered, and looking for new homes. FAF and FCAT were able to provide shelter to the remaining four cats. The elderly, disabled caretaker was very thankful.

2009 to 2011

Our goal for 2011 was 150 adoptions. We came just shy of that goal with 123 adoptions. We were also busy with TNR—about 120 ferals TNR’d.
In 2010 we had a total of 125 adoptions!
In 2009 Friends of the Animals Foundation placed 112 cats and kittens and has 20 cats and kittens either in foster care or available for adoption at Petfinder, or Next to Nature, our adoption site.
We continue to work with caretakers to trap/neuter/release cats and place the feral kittens into foster care for adoption once tamed. We are continually in need of volunteers to help clean cages, wash cat bedding, foster adult cats, kittens, and mothers, trap ferals, and provide transportation to and from the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic in Lynnwood.

2007 to 2008

In 2008 we placed 112 cats and kittens in new, loving homes. We were able to TNR many feral cats into colonies where they are provided food, water, and shelter by caretakers. We have also taken cats and kittens from the Ellensberg shelter. We were fortunate to have several new volunteers to help with fostering and cleaning cages at Next to Nature.
In 2007 FAF adopted out 144 cats and kittens including rescues from animal shelters in Everett, Tacoma, and Kent.
In Spring 2007 we received a request from a local retirement community that had a group of semi-feral cats that needed TNR. These efforts made it possible for the cats to be released back at the retirement home where their providers would continue feeding them and make sure they have shelter. This was a double victory—we stopped the cat population from increasing, and the seniors are able to continue looking after their furry friends.